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I found this product through my best friend whose son got shot 5 times! By the grace of God, he survived but not without a lot of pain. She got a free sample from a Farmers Market and sent it to her son. This was the only thing that was relieving his severe pain.

She gave me a sample for my mom who insisted I send it to her friend in Florida who was stricken with severe pain throughout her whole body. After trying the sample, she called to buy the biggest bottle we had because it helped 50% of her body and she was sleeping 6 hours instead of waking up every two hours.

I started to see a pattern with our samples. One or two applications and people were feeling relief instantly and ordering large bottles! People with all kinds of conditions were sleeping through the night without pain, walking farther than normal, picking up activities they had to abandon, and getting off their pain pills.

I have been giving out free samples (and selling) this powerful pain relief cream for the past year and a half and people actually call me in tears and thank me for changing the quality of their life! That is so rewarding!

Rub On Pain Relief

Rub On Pain Relief Rub On Pain Relief - America's Best Smelling Most Effective, Rub on Pain Relief. It's Pain Relief you can Trust.

Pain Crushing Relief MAXX

Pain Relief MAXX Pain Crushing Relief...When you feel persistent, intense pain, use the powerful relief of Real Time MAXX.

Hand / Foot Cream

pain relief for hand and foot HAND Cream, FOOT Cream, and more, no matter where it is, we have the Relief you need.

Sports Pain Cream

sports pain relief cream Sports Pain Cream - Designed to soothe pain without masking the pain to a point that you do damage to your body.

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Pain Relief Cream

Regular Pain Cream, Hand Cream, Foot Cream, Maxx, Skin Rescue Real Time Pain Relief Cream - Because of the success of our sampling and the natural progression of people referring their family, friends and co-workers, the company has put together a "Sampler" program where you can refer others to a website and get paid for giving them free samples and a free 10.00 bottle when they place their first order. Check it out at Free Samples

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Get Relief in Minutes - Are you missing out on the things you love because of your pain? Would you like to apply a pain relief lotion without smelling like a medicine cabinet? If you are ready to reclaim your life from pain, Real Time PAIN RELIEF can help!

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